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These documents support the GEL Internet Safety module run by ELC (Eastern Leadership Centre) available on www.elc-gel.org


West Sussex County Council Acceptable Use Policy


Anti Bullying Policy


Office of Children and Young People’s Services Anti-Bullying Strategy 


Dr. Emma Bond – The Mobile Phone Bike Shed


Claire Perry MP – MP calls for pornography 'opt-in' to protect children


Cyberbullying - Department of Families and Schools


Cyberbullying – Supporting School Staff – Department for Children Schools and Families 


Internet troll jailed after mocking deaths of teenagers -  The Guardian – Tues 13th Sept 2011



Internet vultures: As a teenage suicide victim is mocked online …….


Becta FlowChart - for responding to serious incidents


Guidance for Schools on Handling Sexting Incidents


UK Children asked to think before they send


Safer Children in a Digital World by Dr. Tanya Byron


Teenage Boys spend hours a week watching Porn on the Internet




















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