Happy Kids Don't Bully Workshop for SEN Schools

We have now developed our Happy Kids Don't Bully Workshop for SEN schools.


Bullying affects children irrespective of their background and it is crucial that all young people are given the opportunity to attend a Happy Kids Don't Bully Workshop


This workshops was designed and developed specifically for children at SEN schools in the MLD/SLD class. 


It covers the same message but utlises various additional media's including Emotion Balls, Dice and Telephone Tubes to help engage the children and deliver the message. 




Testimonial from Maes y Coed Special School


I would like to thank Penny and the team for facilitating the SEN version of ‘Happy Kids Don’t Bully’ within our school. All of the activities were highly sensory, interactive and thought provoking – allowing all of the pupils in our MLD/SLD class to effectively access the discussion on bullying. The programme continues to be a success, with the pupils in our class able to recall the fundamental aspects of the ‘Happy Kids Don’t Bully’ programme weeks later, which is excellent news. It has had a direct impact on the way the pupils and staff view bullying, and has provided a fresh take on a topic that affects everybody at some point in their lives. Compassion, empathy and happiness are cornerstones of the programme, and reinforcing the philosophy of ‘Happy Kids Don’t Bully’ to the pupils has been fruitful in more than just dealing with bullying. This is an excellent programme and should be taught in all educational settings, for children and adults alike.




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