Internet Safety Training and Anti Bullying Training

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EyePAT CIC is an innovative Not-for-Profit Community Interest Company based in the UK.

Our CIC Number is:  8215562


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We provide Internet safety training and online safety workshops for SchoolsFoster Carers and Social Workers throughout England and Wales. 


As a CIC we have the flexibility to fund our workshops and activities through a combination of fund raising, grants, donations as well as being paid by the organisation or school.


We are the creators of Happy Kids Don't Bully and Happy People Don't Bully - unique and effective programmes that supply a solution on how to stop bullying.


We are dedicated to developing awareness of risk associated with internet and mobile use and providing education and support on safe usage.


Whether you are a school struggling to deal with bullying issues, or a business with a hostile work environment, our unique workshops can be adapted to suit your individual needs.










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